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Friday, June 16, 2006

Would someone please shove a ball gag in Ann Coulter's mouth. This crazed lunatic of a hermaphrodite (no offense to the wonderful normal hermaphrodite of the world) needs someone to bitch slap him/her for a few days. Actually, s/he would most likely enjoy that too much. How about forcing her to spend the rest of her life watching the speeches of Senator Ted Kennedy? I think that's suitable punishment for the vitriol that spews forth from this font of hatred and biggotry. For that is truly what he/she is; a bitter and haggard wo/man. Why any one gives this lunatic credence is beyond my meager comprehension. All the talking heads turn to her like she possesses some authority to pontificate about politics. Who is he/she? What are his/her qualifications? I'll tell you what they are....bupkiss! S/he's nothing but a person (that word is used in the loosest possible terms) who is so full of self-hatred and loathing it cannot help but spill out into the world around him/her. All I can say is, thank the gods for Keith Olbermann.

So what can be done to silence this psychopath? I have a super idea...DON'T PUT HIM/HER ON TELEVISION! It's very simple. If the cabal of main stream media did not give him/her an outlet s/he would just skulk back to whatever level of hell spawned him/her. For that is truly what s/he is, a demon.

Who in their right mind would attack the widows of those who perished in the 9/11 attacks? Who else but some purely evil demon seed would dare to say that these women were relishing the spot light? Does this puke actually think they would rather have the money and the spotlight, and not their loved ones?

So from now on s/he will be referred to as TDP (that damn person - the idea actually belongs progressive talk radio host
Peter Werbe). This way, TDP will not receive anymore free advertising from me.



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