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Lamont vs Joe Mentum

Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is relatively "old" news in the rapid 24-hour news cycle, however I think it is something that is still worth talking about. As I am sure everyone has heard, Ned Lamont has defeated Joe (Closet Republican) Lieberman. Insert your own resounding fan fare here. I must say this is an amazing and wonderful turn of events. For the past three years Mr. Lieberman has repeatedly supported the policies of the Bush administration. Whether it was the unlawful, and quite unconstitutional, PATRIOT Act; or our Country's illegal invasion of the sovereign state of Iraq. There's Joe Lieberman standing right next to the Shrub; kissing up for all he's worth. His lips have been firmly planted on the rear-end of Bush and his cabal for more than just the past three years however. Ever since his "defeat" in 2000, Mr. Lieberman has decided the best thing would be to switch parties without telling any of his constituents.

Oh, but then rising from the background, like a story borne of Arthurian Legend, comes a man who's not willing to compromise his principles. A man who's not willing to say what he thinks people want him to say, but instead tells the truth as he sees it. What? Can this be true? Truth in politics? Surely not! Well I'm here to tell you that Mr. Ned Lamont is the real deal. I've heard numerous interviews with Mr. Lamont not only on Air America Radio, but also on CNN and BBC; I'm here to tell you he's the real deal. He's deeply opposed to the "Occupation of Iraq" and believes that it is in the best interest of the country to bring our young men and women home now. To quote Mr. Lamont "I am running for the US Senate because we deserve a Senator who will stand up for Connecticut and stand up for our progressive democratic values. Rather than spending hundreds of millions of dollars a day in Iraq, it is time for America to refocus on issues back home: fixing our health care system, upgrading our schools, and rebuilding our aging infrastructure. We will start winning in Iraq as the Iraqis take control of their own destiny, just as America has to start investing again in our own future."

I urge you to check out Lamont's website and find a way to support him in his run for the US Senate. Here is a man who is pro-environment, pro-choice, & pro-equal rights just to name a few. You don't have to live in Connecticut to support the political candidate. Ned Lamont is a man worthy of the support of any and all progressive democrats. This trend in bucking the traditional Washington establishment has not only affected Mr. Lieberman. Numerous incumbent members of Congress and the Senate lost their primaries this past week. Whether they were Republican or Democrat it didn't matter. The statement being made by the American people is that they are tired of business as usual in Washington, DC. Now, I know that some of the Republican members of Congress were defeated by radical right-wing zealots; not a good thing at all. However, this just signifies an impending split within the Republican Party (this is a whole different topic to be covered in a later post). So, if you, like "Howard Beale" from Network, are mad as hell it's time to suppport those candidates who will do what's right for us and our country.



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