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Cartoons from Dan Piraro

Saturday, August 04, 2007

These are some amazingly funny, yet poignant,cartoons from a gentlemen named Dan Piraro. You can see more of his wonderful work by clicking here. If you can't read all the cartoons that I've posted here, just click on them, and you'll be taking to Dan Piraro's website where you can.

All illustrations by Dan Piraro: Cat, Self Portrait, Logo "Bizarro, Logo "Dan Piraro", and all cartoons are copyright by Dan Piraro.


Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis

I have been watching the news coming out of Minneapolis, I'm sure that many have been doing the same thing, and the same question has been running through my mind. How, in the richest and most technology advanced country in the world does a bridge collapse and kill so many people? How does this happen in a country that has touted its infrastructure to the rest of the world, and that developing countries want to emulate? I'll give you one reason, tax cuts.

Beginning with Ronald Regan the federal government, more to the point the Republican party, has began systematically gnawing away at the government's purse. Give take cut after tax cut to the top 10%. This repeated thievery has done nothing but deplete the coffers of the Feds. Consequently, if there's no money coming in, then there isn't any money to fix roads and BRIDGES.

Regan cut taxes; Bush 1 cut taxes for the rich, but raised them for the working class; and Bush 2 has told the wealthy that they basically don't have to pay any taxes. You hear these people who say that they hate paying their taxes, and that they try to do anything they can to get out of paying them. Well I have a couple of questions for the frugal anti-patriotic individuals. Do you like driving on roads? Do you like having fresh water in your faucet? Do you like having electricity? Do you like having food in the grocery store?

Let's take these one at at time. First, 99% of the highways and interstates are maintained and developed with money from the federal government. If this funding went away, do you think that the states could handle this burden all by themselves without raising taxes? I think no. Second, the water and electrical infrastructure is also built and developed through grants and loans from the feds. Again, could the states pay for this by themselves? Again, I think no. Finally, 75-90% of the food in the grocery store is transported via railroads. Who in charge of overseeing the rail system in this country? Oh, that's right the federal government.

So let's just keep denying money to the government all because we don't feel like paying. Boo hoo hoo! SHUT UP!!!! Paying your taxes is the price of admission to living is a country as developed at the United States. If you don't like it, I'm sure you can find yourself a job in Mexico.


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