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Obama the choice of Democrats in Indonesia

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CNN is reporting that Barack Obama has won the Democrats Abroad primary in Indonesia.

1. Obama 75% 2. Clinton 25%

From Saeed Ahmed

(CNN) -- Illinois Sen. Barack Obama won the first battle of the Super Tuesday showdown when Democratic Party voters in Indonesia -- where Obama spent four years of his childhood -- picked him over Sen. Hillary Clinton...(Click here for the article.)


Stepford Republicans: All Caught on Tape!

by Jeff Cohen

“The Stepford Wives” tells the chilling story of once smart, independent women who get abducted and turned into tamed, mindless robots.

I have a theory about a similarly subversive process that turns grown men once capable of independent and reasoned thought into robotic extremists. Call them Stepford Republicans. The nefarious transformation always occurs before the individual gets close to becoming a Republican president or vice president...(Click here for rest of article.)


Huckleberry Wins West Virginia

NBC & ABC News are both reporting that Mike Huckabee has won the West Virginia caucuses.

1. Huckabee 53%

2. Romney 47%

3. McCain 1%



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