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Drudge Switches Support in Terror War to al Qaeda, Taliban

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

On Thursday, American newsman Matt Drudge provided material support to al Qaeda and Taliban forces--the perpetrators of 9/11--by divulging highly secret information to them about NATO forces currently fighting in Afghanistan. Specifically, Drudge revealed that Britain’s Prince Harry was serving in combat there.

With Prince Harry, his fellow troops, and the mission itself endangered on account of Drudge’s revelation, the British government immediately whisked Harry out of the country. The effect on his unit--its cohesion, morale, and ability to sustain its mission against al Qaeda--after such an abrupt change in leadership is uncertain.

It is not yet known how long Drudge has been providing support for al Qaeda, or whether he intends to do it again. Similarly, it remains to be seen what, if any, other forms of aid and comfort Drudge has provided to the enemy. However, we do know that Drudge is unrepentant....(Click here for remainder of post).


Kucinich faces new political battle

It is a shame that Dennis Kucinich is being attacked like he is from the DLC. For those who don't know, the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) is the campaign/leadership arm of the Democratic party. So what is comes down to, is that the Democratic Party is ATTACKING Dennis Kucinich in favor of a corporate financed political hack! Every one needs to go to and contribute to his campaign. Voices like Kucinichs' are essential in the Congress! Get out there and support him!

By Jamie Coomarasamy
BBC News, Ohio

In Ohio's 10th Congressional District, in and around Cleveland, the city's former mayor and current Congressman Dennis Kucinich has the same single name recognition as Madonna, Britney or Tiger.

The yellow yard signs, which have mushroomed as his 4 March election approaches, have only one word on them: "Dennis!"
At the bottom of the exclamation mark is a peace sign, emphasising the issue which prompted the congressman to run his second unsuccessful presidential campaign.

Although he never had a chance of winning the Democratic Party's nomination for 2008, his long-term opposition to the war in Iraq made him - for a while - the conscience of the party.
Now, though, just weeks after quitting the presidential battle, he is fighting for his political survival....(Click here for remainder of BBC News article).


Former NY Gov. Carey endorses Obama over Clinton

11:33 AM EST, March 3, 2008

NEW YORK - Former Gov. Hugh Carey has endorsed Barack Obama's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination over fellow New Yorker Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Carey praises Obama's judgment, inspiration and leadership while saying either candidate would be a major improvement over the current administration.

He says Obama can deal with crisis and think globally to protect national security. Carey also cites Obama's call for bipartisanship and coalitions to address issues facing the nation....(Click here for the remainder of Newsday article).


Clinton faces toughest test, vowing to go on

11:01 PM EST, March 3, 2008

TOLEDO, Ohio - Hillary Rodham Clinton steeled herself for a day of political reckoning, defiantly telling reporters Monday that her campaign is "just warming up" -- and suggesting she'll battle on regardless of Tuesday's results in Texas and Ohio.

Clinton, who holds a slim lead in the polls in Ohio but trails Barack Obama slightly in Texas, had until recently counted on the March 4 primaries to halt an 11-contest losing streak and narrow Obama's lead among delegates. She offered scaled-back expectations yesterday, refusing to predict what would happen and keeping her benchmark of victory vague.

When asked to define success today in Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island, Clinton said: "Winning. Winning. Winning, that's my measure of success -- winning." She wouldn't say if that meant winning states or a majority of delegates....(Click here for remainder of Newsday article).


Coverage v. Coercion

by Einer Elhauge
Posted March 3, 2008 | 06:54 PM (EST)

Suppose you were choosing between two employers. Both offer the same Blue Cross insurance to employees who pay 25% of premiums. But one employer says, "Choose us. We provide more universal coverage because we make our employees take the insurance even when they don't think it is worth the 25% contribution." Does this argument sound persuasive? Sure doesn't to me. I'd say both firms are offering the same coverage, with one adding a heaping dosage of coercion that doesn't really sweeten the deal.

Yet Hillary Clinton is basically making the argument of the coercing employer. There is no serious claim that the Clinton plan would offer cheaper health care coverage than the Obama Plan. They both subsidize premiums for lower income persons, and the Obama plan, if anything, does more to lower premiums because it adds an innovative reinsurance plan that lowers insurer costs and invests more in information technology to lower medical costs. But Clinton keeps arguing her plan offers more universal coverage because of one thing: she adds a mandate that forces people to take the insurance even if they would rather not....(Click here for remainder of Huffington Post posting).


Clinton Aims to Push Beyond Ohio and Texas

March 4, 2008; Page A1

AUSTIN, Texas -- Hillary Clinton faces the judgment of Texas and Ohio voters today in what she and her backers have declared "must win" contests, following 11 straight losses to Barack Obama. The big question: What constitutes a "win"?

If the New York senator gets large majorities of the popular vote in both states, she will clearly keep fighting for the Democratic nomination, at least until the next major primary in Pennsylvania on April 22. If she loses both, she will face tremendous pressure to drop out of the race.

The latest polls suggest, however, that the outcome is likely to be muddier than either of those scenarios. The surveys show Sen. Clinton with a solid, even expanding, lead in Ohio. In Texas, two polls released yesterday, show Sen. Obama with a slight lead, while a third puts Sen. Clinton somewhat ahead. Texas's results will be complicated by separate caucuses held after the primary polls close. Sen. Obama is favored to win the caucuses even if he loses the primary....(Click here for remainder of article).


Memo Gives Canada’s Account of Obama Campaign’s Meeting on Nafta

Published: March 4, 2008

The denials were sweeping when Senator Barack Obama’s campaign mobilized last week to refute a report that a senior official had given back-channel reassurances to Canada soft-pedaling Mr. Obama’s tough talk on Nafta.

While campaigning in Ohio, Mr. Obama has harshly criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement, which many Ohioans blame for an exodus of jobs. He agreed last week at a debate with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton that the United States should consider leaving the pact if it could not be renegotiated.

On Monday, a memorandum surfaced, obtained by The Associated Press, showing that Austan D. Goolsbee, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago who is Mr. Obama’s senior economic policy adviser, met officials last month at the Canadian consulate in Chicago....(Click here for remainder of article).



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