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Obama signed, sealed, and delivered to an inbox near you

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dante Chinni
Christian Science Monitor
Posted: 05.13.2008 / 8:11 AM EDT

Whatever happens in today’s primary in West Virginia, Sen. Barack Obama looks to be headed for the top of the Democratic ticket in November. And when the book about Senator Obama’s improbable drive to the presidential nomination is written, a chapter or two is likely to include his campaign’s organizational skills.

While Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton came into the 2008 race with experience and the vestiges of her husband’s campaign team from the 1990s, it is Obama who has repeatedly shown an organizational advantage in the primaries.

From his ability to win in caucus states, which generally require more advance work, to his grass-roots efforts in places such as Philadelphia and its suburbs (as Patchwork Nation has noted), he’s shown a knack for well-laid plans that may extend back to his beginnings in politics as a community organizer.

Tomorrow the media and the candidates will shift their focus to the next stops on the Democratic primary circuit, Kentucky and Oregon. Both campaigns have been on the ground in those states for some time, but e-mail accounts we have set up for “pseudoresidents” in our Patchwork Nation locales show how the Obama campaign has done a better job of using the Web to establish its presence in primary battlegrounds than has Senator Clinton’s campaign.

In each of next week’s primary states, Patchwork Nation happens to have representative communities: Hopkinsville, Ky., and Lincoln City, Ore. Here’s a look at what our Hillary and Barack (as the candidates call themselves in e-mailville) devotees received in their inboxes over the past few months....(Click here for remainder of post).



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