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Hit of the Moment - Jerome Corsi

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well the freak show right is at it again, and Jerome Corsi it right in the heart of it. If you recall, Jerome Corsi is the one that lead the swift boat charges against John Kerry. Well now he's doing it with Barack Obama. Jerome Corsi is nothing but a hate monger, and a smut peddler. To put it bluntly he's a fucking troglodyte and someone needs to beat him to a bloody pulp. Any takers? I'll do it! Believe me! This wacko had better pray that I never cross his path, because believe me...I'll give this guy such a beating that he'll regreat he was ever born. Of course if there's anyone else out there who'd like to step on this bug, I'll give you a shinney new car wash token.



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