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Obama stirs up supporters in Colorado

Monday, October 27, 2008

By Ben Feller
Associated Press

DENVER — Roaring toward the finish, Barack Obama presided Sunday over two Colorado rallies that together drew about 150,000 people, a startling turnout in a key swing state.

In Denver, the city where he claimed his historic presidential nomination, Obama stepped on stage and seemed surprised at his own following. He saw an estimated crowd of more than 100,000 people _ the largest U.S. rally to date in an Obama campaign full of them.

"Goodness gracious," Obama said as peered at the human mass in Civic Center Park.

Smelling victory, supporters even lined the steps of the Capitol, which was so far away from the stage that the people there needed binoculars just to hope to see Obama.

The setting, on a sparkling day in this battleground state, said perhaps more than Obama did in his actual speech. It rippled with the kind of enthusiasm found at victory rallies.

The location of a later rally _ a Colorado State University lawn known as "The Oval" _ suggested Obama's possible future workplace. He spoke to an estimated 45,000-50,000 people at the Fort Collins event.

Obama's campaign is capitalizing on the scope of such rallies to get people to cast votes early, permitted in Colorado and more than two dozen other states....(Click for remainder).


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With 9 days left before elections day, Barack Obama spoke to an enormous crowd at the civic center park at the state capital in Denver, Colorado.



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