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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Limbaugh mocked Obama's final visit with grandmother

By David Edwards and Stephen C. Webster

NovaM radio talk show host Randi Rhodes slammed Rush Limbaugh for suggesting Barack Obama's last trip to Hawaii to visit his dying grandmother actually was because Obama's birth certificate was illegitimate, and not because of her rapidly failing health.

Obama's grandmother died of cancer on Nov. 3, one day before the US presidential election.

"Rush was on the radio, I guess Thursday or Friday when I'm driving in to work," began Rhodes. "And Rush was saying, 'Why did he have to go back to Honolulu? His grandmother's not dead. She hasn't died. There was no need to rush back. I think he went back there to change is birth certificate.'"

"He actually said that it was a rouse," continued Rhodes. "That Barack Obama's grandmother wasn't sick, that she wasn't terminal, and that she hadn't died yet, therefore that was proof that Barack Obama had to work in the shadows to change his birth certificate."...(Click for remainder).
Listen below.


Obama Makes Closing Argument in Virginia

By Amy Chozick

Barack Obama made a final closing argument Monday night at the last rally of his twenty-two-month candidacy.

“The change we seek will not just come from government alone, it’s going to have to come from each of us,” Obama told the crowd of over 90,000. “Each of us has a role to play.”

He used his standard stump speech but also reflected on the campaign he’s run. “Our campaign hasn’t been perfect,” he said. “But we’ve got a lot to be proud of when you think about the tone we’ve set.”

“We’ve been fierce in defending ourselves but we try to make sure we’re always reminding our supporters that all of us are in this together: black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Democratic and Republican.”
The central message of the speech was as it has always been: change.

“I asked you to believe not just in my ability to bring about change, but in yours,” he said. “In this campaign I have had the privilege to witness what is best in America.”

Obama harked back to the speech he delivered at the 2004 Democratic Convention that first launched him into the national spotlight.

“Despite what our opponents may say, there’s no city or town that is more pro-American than anywhere else,” Obama said, a reference to an earlier statement by Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin that she likes “pro-America” parts of the country.

Obama talked about the military and brought veterans into his call for unity. “They fought together and bled together and some of them died together. They have not served red America or blue America, they have served the United States together.”

It was a rousing speech for a candidate who received very sad personal news Monday morning when he learned that his beloved grandmother, who helped raise him, had passed away after battling cancer....(Click for remainder).


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