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Do Not Adjust Your TV Sets. That High-Pitched, Relentless Whining Sound Coming from the Screen is Just Fox News

Thursday, October 22, 2009

By David Neiwert
Crooks and Liars

It used to be that, when you got a persistent, high-pitched and annoying whine emanating from your TV set -- you know the kind, that high-pitched squeal that feels like a drill in your eardrums -- you'd just go whack the TV set until it stopped, or call your repairman.

Now, it just means you have to turn the channel off Fox News.

All this week, nearly every single Fox News program has tackled the insidious "war on Fox" being waged by the Obama White House. It's been constant and petulant -- and bereft of any awareness whatsoever that they're actually constantly proving the White House's point about a bias in not just the opinion shows but also their "news" product.

It has, however, produced surreal moments like the one above, on Sean Hannity's program last night, with a panel featuring (among others) Steven Crowder of Pajamas Media TV, when the host burst forth with one of his "factual" declarations that actually was a falsehood, followed by a surreally un-self-aware discussion about how the White House doesn't want to be fact-checked:
Hannity: Let me see if I can sum this up. Is it that they want to distract from the debates that they're losing -- the American public overwhelmingly, according to every credible poll, is against Obamacare -- are they trying to distract? Are they trying to intimidate? What's the strategy?

Crowder: I think this is a huge indictment on every other mainstream news source. The fact that the fact-checking is so appalling -- I mean, what does that say about other news networks, that they've given them this free pass, this open lane to this administration?



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