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George Will Drinks the Michele Bachmann Koolaid

Sunday, October 25, 2009

By lloydletta
Dump Bachmann

George Will's recent column on Michele Bachmann repeats a cute story about how Bachmann was drafted to run for state senate on the spot in her jeans and sweatshirt, but unfortunately, it's just that--a story. Or, as Gary Laidig, the Republican that Bachmann opposed at the convention says, it's "absolute bullshit."

Will should research his subject before writing such a glowing column about her. He clearly does not know the full story on this charlatan.

From Will's column:
Looking toward 2012, she is not drawn merely to Sarah Palin or other darlings of social conservatives. She certainly is one of those, but she knows that economic hardship and government elephantiasis now trump other issues.
John Hinderaker from Powerline echoes this sentiment about Michele Bachmann:
Michele, like us, is a former liberal who saw the light. Democrats try to typecast her as a social conservative, but her overarching theme has always been freedom. A former tax litigator, she is as shrewd a critic of the Left's would-be takeover of the economy as we have in the conservative movement.



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