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In "Heavily Edited" Video Rebuttal, O'Keefe Does Not Dispute Philly Police Report Filed After His Visit to ACORN Office

Thursday, October 22, 2009

By Media Matters

In a heavily edited video released on October 21, conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe purported to rebut statements made by Philadelphia ACORN worker Katherine Conway Russell about O'Keefe's and Hannah Giles' visit to the Philadelphia ACORN office, but O'Keefe did not dispute the authenticity of the police report ACORN filed with Philadelphia police following their visit. The filing of the police report by ACORN -- Russell can be seen holding a copy of it in O'Keefe's video -- indicates the Philadelphia ACORN office had no intention of helping O'Keefe and Giles conduct any illegal activities, and ACORN said the police report "proves our clear understanding of this scam that was being portrayed."

"Heavily edited tape" includes no evidence ACORN office provided actual assistance in engaging in illegal activities

O'Keefe releases heavily edited video that omits ACORN worker's statements. In the video released on Andrew Breitbart's on October 21, the audio and video of O'Keefe's and Giles' July 24, 2009, visit to the Philadelphia ACORN office have been heavily edited. Many of Russell's statements in the video of the office visit were edited out and replaced with audio of O'Keefe purporting to explain what she said. As Fox News reported: "The new eight-minute video depicts O'Keefe and Giles entering ACORN's Philadelphia office and meeting with Conway-Russell. O'Keefe and Giles are seen speaking with Conway-Russell, but audio portions of the video are missing or edited in some portions."...(Remainder.)



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