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Racist & Xenophobic Right-Wing Talk Show Host Again Running for Colo House Seat

Saturday, October 31, 2009

By Joseph Boven
Colorado Independent

In case no one heard about it, blogger Republican Joshua Sharf is running again for Colorado House District 6. The past co-host of Backbone Radio and occasional blogger for John Andrews’ Backbone American is picking himself up off the electoral mat to fight again with veteran legislator Democratic Rep. Lois Court.

It won’t be easy, conceded Sharf in an Oct. 15 release. He isn’t kidding. Sharf is battling to represent the district once repped by current Bennet Senate primary challenger and former Colorado Speaker Andrew Romanoff. Sharf lost the district last year 24,114 votes to 50,806 votes. The district includes 45.1 percent registered Democratic voters and only 22.4 percent registered Republican Voters.

Court is for single-payer health care reform . Sharf is not. Court would like to see citizen petition rights protected while encouraging statutory rather than constitutional ballot proposals. Sharf is a champion of unfettered use of the ballot to alter the constitution.

The voter cheat sheet for the Sharf campaign in 2008 spells out his views.

He is mainly against affirmative action and unions.

On Backbone Radio, December of 2007, Sharf told audience members that affirmative action in all forms should be abolished at the universities. He said in terms of education “there are no evident facts that diversity in and of itself is a positive good.”...(Remainder.)



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