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Religious Right Has Been Lying About Hate Crimes for Years. Now, They'll be Exposed.

Friday, October 23, 2009

By Joe Sudbay

Last weekend, two Maine newspapers, the Bangor Daily News and the Maine Sunday Telegram, urged Mainers to vote No on 1. Interestingly, both papers noted that during the 2005 campaign on gay rights, when the right-wingers tried to remove sexual orientation and gender identity, those right-wingers predicted a flood of lawsuits. Both papers noted this did not happen. In other words, the scare tactics from the other side have been proven wrong.

For the past few years, the opponents of hate crimes have been spreading lies about the potential impact of this law. GOPers like John Boehner have spread the lie that hate crimes are thought crimes. The theocrats claim pastors who preach against gays will be imprisoned. It's B.S., but those were the talking points. Alvin McEwen intends to track this:
The religious right's main lying claim about lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation is that it will lead to attacks on the free speech of those who think that homosexuality is a sin.

They say that pastors will be arrested in the pulpits for simply saying that homosexuality is a sin.

Well as soon as President Obama signs the Matthew Shepard Act, I will be creating an online clock that will count up how long it should take from Obama signing this bill to the arrest of a pastor for simply saying that homosexuality is a sin.

Of course no pastor will be arrested for simply calling homosexuality a sin. And that is the point of the online clock.

The religious right likes to spin a fear story. I say we hold them to it.



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