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Rep. Steve King (R-Asshatville) Says "Everyone Has Access to Health Care, No One Has a Right to it"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

By Media Matters Action

In a speech on the House floor last night, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) attempted to make the case that health care is a "benefit" and "not a right."
KING: It's not a right.  It's a benefit that Congress has agreed to provide for humanitarian reasons.  We spend billions overseas in humanitarian aid and we spend billions in this country to provide health care to anybody that shows up because we don't want to turn someone away and have them get sick or die.  That's the policy in America, but it's not a right. [...]

Even though everyone in this country has a right to health care - excuse me - even though everyone in this country has access to health care, no one has a right to it. 
First of all, King's claim regarding "access" is extremely disingenuous.  Emergency rooms won't turn away people who are already sick.  Unfortunately, that doesn't change the fact that tens of thousands of Americans die each year because they lack basic health insurance.

Moreover, if we provide health care for "humanitarian reasons," what exactly does King think those reasons are? Could it be that we as a society believe people have a right to be treated when they're sick? King seems to be undermining his own argument. ...(Remainder.)



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