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Where is the Catholic Church's Mystery Money for the Anti-Gay Campaign Coming From? The Mormons?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

By Joe Sudbay

When the first campaign report came out in July, we learned that the Catholic Church made a contribution of $100,000 to the anti-gay campaign in Maine. But, the church wouldn't reveal the source of the mysterious donation:
But Marc Mutty, a leader of the group seeking to repeal the law who is on leave from his work at the diocese, said parishioners should know the donated funds were not taken from the collection plate.

"The money is dedicated revenues that were provided by a donor for causes such as these and money from the collection basket or any of those types of things would never be used," he said.

Mutty said he only had limited details regarding the origins of the donation.
Today, the Catholic Church revealed it had donated another $152,600 to the anti-gay campaign. The money also has mysterious origins. It's from a "rainy day" fund, the church is now claiming:
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland has given another $152,600 to the group that's trying to overturn Maine's gay-marriage law.

A spokeswoman said the new contributions were transferred from a "rainy day" fund to the Stand for Marriage Maine political action committee.



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