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Why the White House Is 100% Right to Challenge Fox News

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

By Cenk Uygur
The Huffington Post

There are three categories of news media:

1. Opinion Outlets
• Keith Olbermann
• Bill O'Reilly
• The Young Turks
Wall Street Journal Editorial Side

2. Partisan Press (Ideologically Driven Press)

The Nation
• Fox News Channel
National Review
•Mother Jones
• Drudge Report

3. Straight News

• ABC News
• MSNBC News Programs
New York Times
Wall Street Journal (Non-Editorial)

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being in any of these categories. As you can see, I put our show in the "Opinion Outlet" category. I have no problem with that. We tell you our take on the news of the day. All of the categories are based on the news; but they do range based on how much original news reporting or editorializing they do. And that is an important distinction.

The Obama White House has taken on Fox News channel in an effort to point out they are not a legitimate news network. This is very important because out of all the outlets mentioned above, they are the only ones being dishonest about what category they are in. This is where the confusion lies....(Remainder.)



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