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CNN’s John King Asks Boehner: ‘Where is the Republican Proposal’ on Health?

Monday, November 02, 2009

By Stephen C. Webster
The Raw Story

Republican minority leader's response: Coming soon

A leading Republican Congressman said Sunday that his party would present by the end of the week its own plan for health care reform, one of President Barack Obama's top domestic priorities.

House Minority leader John Boehner spoke after Obama's top allies on Thursday unveiled sweeping compromise legislation, including a government-backed insurance plan to compete with private firms.

His comments were made during an interview with CNN host John King on Sunday. King asked the Republican minority leader: "Where is the Republican proposal, where you can say to the American people, we'll spend this much over 10 years; it will do this to the deficit; and when we'll be done, x-percent of the American people will have health insurance?"

"By the end of this week, people will be able to look at one proposal" that provides transparent cost figures and clearly states the number of people to be covered, Boehner told CNN....(Remainder.)



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