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Frank Luntz's Incredibly Stupid Health Care Strategy Memo

Monday, November 02, 2009

By Jed Lewison
Daily Kos

Frank Luntz is back at it, regurgitating the same old advice in a "new" memo aimed at defeating health care reform. Under the tagline "It's not what you say, it's what people hear," Luntz begins:
I was there in 1994.  I saw what happened when a once-popular president tried to push healthcare legislation that Americans didn’t want or appreciate.  I witnessed the electoral implications when his administration tried to expand the role of government against the wishes of, well, almost everyone.  And it’s happening once again.
Yes, Barack Obama was "once-popular." But he's also still popular. Just look at the polling data the top of this site. Or's composite data. Perhaps Frank meant "Once and still popular"?
Moving on:
Let me be clear: this memo isn’t meant to be partisan and it’s not just for Republicans.  It is my hope, in fact, that they will share the contents of this document with their moderate Democrat counterparts – those who care more answering to the people they represent than answering to their leaders who are, quite frankly, pushing them off a cliff.
The only reason Luntz hopes Republicans share this memo with Democrats is that at least until 2011, Republicans are completely irrelevant to the actual process of governing this country....(Remainder.)



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