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Right-Wing Asshats Try to Resurrect Caribou Barbie's "Death Panel" Myth

Sunday, November 01, 2009

By Media Matters

Linking to an Associated Press article about Medicare coverage for voluntary end-of-life counseling in the House health care bill, conservative media outlets such as Fox News and have featured misleading headlines to revive the widely debunked "death panel" smear. Fox News' Peter Johnson Jr. also stated during an interview with Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), "So with regard to the death panel, nothing much has changed."

Fox & Friends, BigGovernment, misleadingly refer to "death panels"

Andrew Breitbart's runs headline, "AP: 'Death Panels' in Health Care Bill." On October 30, linking to an AP article titled, "It's alive! End-of-life counseling in health bill," conservative news outlet BigGovernment ran the misleading headline, "AP: 'Death Panels' in Health Care Bill":




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