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Pat Buchanan Gets His Ass Handed to Him Over His Blatant Sexism

Friday, May 29, 2009

By Heather
Crooks and Liars

That great defender of downtrodden white men, Pat Buchanan, was at it again with his "affirmative action" rhetoric on Sonia Sotomayor, but this time he gets tag-teamed by Norah and Lawrence O'Donnell for his idiocracy. Pat just can't believe that President Obama's final four choices for the court were....gasp...all women. The horror!
Buchanan: Look, are you going to let me talk, Lawrence? You got down to four women, not a single white male...all women, and then we're going to pick a Hispanic....

Norah O'Donnell: Did it ever occur to you Pat, that maybe there weren’t any white men who were qualified?

Buchanan: Yes.... No, it did not occur to me. You mean there are no white males qualified? That is an, that would be an act of bigotry to make a statement like that.....

Norah O'Donnell: In the past there have been no women who were qualified.

Buchanan: There certainly have been qualified in the past. I don't doubt there are but probably half of the great lawyers and judges are white males in this country and to rule them all out...why? Because of their sex and because of their race is wrong! I think at least it's affirmative action.

Norah O'Donnell: Pat I don't think you have any proof of that they did that. The President was reportedly...

Buchanan: How did he come down to four women?

Nora O'Donnell: He said that they were the best and that's the views that he had, the particular criteria that he had.

Buchanan: What were the criteria? One of them was it had to be a woman and the other it got down to being, hey it's a Hispanic. That's affirmative action!

Norah O'Donnell: Lawrence, you want to offer a rejoinder to that?

Lawrence O'Donnell: Well Pat, if it gets down to four, you’re suggesting it’s an absolute outrage if the final four are women. If got down to final four and they were all white men, would that bother you in the least?

BUCHANAN: I don’t say it’s an outrage, I say it’s affirmative action. They were picked because she’s a woman and a Hispanic and you know it as well as I do.


Lawrence O'Donnell: Hopeless argument, Pat. It’s like, it's like watching a dead fish flop around on the deck. You’re dead on this one, Pat. It’s all over.

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God, Evolution and Homosexuality


The Reich's Emotional State

By Mike Lane


Operation Gringo: Can the Republicons Sacrifice the Hispanic Vote & Win the White House?

By Nate Silver

Since the Republicans, to say the least, do not seem particularly inclined to curry favor with Hispanic voters by playing nice on Sonia Sotomayor, it's worth engaging in the following thought experiment: Can the Republicans win back the White House in 2012 or 2016 while losing further ground among Latinos? And if so, what is their most plausible path to victory?

I think the answer to the first question is 'yes' -- although it depends, of course, on exactly how much more ground they lose, as well as how much ground they could hope to gain among white voters. If they chose to pursue this strategy, the Republicans would probably elect to make immigration a linchpin issue of their campaign, perhaps coupled with the adoption of some paleoconservative, protectionist rhetoric on issues like NAFTA. While this strategy would be at best a temporary fix -- it would become less effective each passing year as the country continues to grow more diverse -- it might have some strategic benefits in the next two elections, particularly if the economy remains poor or there is some sort of double-dip recession.

In 2008, the Latino vote made the difference in the outcome of three states: New Mexico, where about 2 in 5 voters identify as Hispanic, as well as -- somewhat surprisingly -- Indiana and North Carolina -- where Obama lost nonhispanic voters by a tiny margin and was put over the top by Hispanic votes. It probably also made the difference, believe it or not, in the 2nd Congressional District of Nebraska -- Omaha actually has a decent-sized Hispanic minority -- although the exit polls aren't detailed enough to let us know for sure.

That the Hispanic vote helped Obama to win electoral votes in such "gringo" territories as Nebraska and Indiana is a reminder that there are Hispanics everywhere now; the presence of a surprisingly large and extremely Democratic-leaning Hispanic vote in New Jersey, for example, is one reason why Republicans are no longer competitive there. Moreover, the growth rate of the Hispanic population tends to be fastest in such nontraditional areas as the South and even the Prairie states. According to the Census Bureau, the state where the age 18+ Hispanic population grew the fastest between 2007 and 2008 was South Carolina (+6.6%), followed by a three-way tie between North Carolina, North Dakota and South Dakota (each +6.5%)....(Click for remainder.)


Secession-Touting Asshat, Hannity, Angry U.S. Flag Taken Down in Texas


Theoretical Bullshit: Onto-Illogical


N. Korea: The Mother of All Stability Ops?

By Nathan Hodge
Danger Room @

Let’s say you’ve got a country somewhere north of the 38th Parallel. It has a large conscript army; a whole lot of artillery tubes; and a few Hiroshima-style nukes.

Oh, and a population on the brink of starvation.

North Korea’s recent nuclear test — and its threats of all-out war — have diplomats and top officials racking up the frequent-flyer points. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates set off Wednesday on a trip to reassure jittery Asian allies that the United States will stand firm in the crisis; President Barack Obama is supposed to talk the situation over with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev; And China may finally take a tougher line with the North Korean regime.

Noah has looked at some of the scenarios for war on the Korean peninsula, and the outcomes don’t look pleasant. Since the armistice ended the Korean War 56 years ago, military planners have been readying for a nasty fight over the DMZ. But the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — and the amount of manpower and resources that they have sucked up — have made it much more likely that conflict with North Korea would get ugly, fast.

In a 2006 press briefing, Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was quite blunt. A fight with North Korea, he said, would require “more brute force” because of what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Why?” he asked. “Because you need precision intelligence to drop precision munitions. And a lot of our precision intelligence assets are currently being used in the Gulf region, so some of those would not be available if you had to go someplace else. And some of our delivery platforms for delivering precision weapons are being employed right now. So you would end up not having all of the precision weapons that you might otherwise have going into a second theater, wherever it might happen to be, and therefore you would end up using more ‘dumb bombs,’ so to speak, more brute force than you would otherwise.”...(Click for remainder.)


Republican Senate Candidate Admits GOP Has NO Position on Health Care

By Greg Sargent
The Plum Line

Whoops. Rob Portman, a Republican Senate candidate in Ohio, has now admitted in an interview that the GOP doesn’t have a position on health care. Worse, he says he came to that conclusion after multiple discussions with GOP Congressional leaders about the issue.

Check out this nugget buried in a National Journal article (subscription only) about Portman:

Republicans have also taken some heat nationally for not focusing on health care in their campaigns in recent years, but Portman already has been speaking on the issue frequently.

“We have to have an alternative. … I will tell you, I don’t think there is a Republican alternative at this point,” he said. He said he reached that conclusion after talking to Senate leaders and lawmakers about the GOP’s position. “There isn’t one,” he said. “There’s a task force, and I applaud them for that.”
Congressional Republicans have enlisted all manner of political consultant, such as Frank Luntz, to tell them how to attack the health care ideas being floated by Dems. Portman’s candor isn’t exactly going to bolster their claim that they have any constructive alternatives in mind....(Click for original.)


Torture and the American Conscience

By Paul Craig Roberts
Counter Punch

Torture is a violation of US and international law. Yet, president George W. Bush and vice president Dick Cheney, on the basis of legally incompetent memos prepared by Justice Department officials, gave the OK to interrogators to violate US and international law.

The new Obama administration shows no inclination to uphold the rule of law by prosecuting those who abused their offices and broke the law.

Cheney claims, absurdly, that torture was necessary in order to save American cities from nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists. Many Americans have bought the argument that torture is morally justified in order to make terrorists reveal where ticking nuclear bombs are before they explode.

However, there were no hidden ticking nuclear bombs. Hypothetical scenarios were used to justify torture for other purposes.

We now know that the reason the Bush regime tortured its captives was to coerce false testimony that linked Iraq and Saddam Hussein to al Qaeda and September 11. Without this “evidence,” the US invasion of Iraq remains a war crime under the Nuremberg standard.

Torture, then, was a second Bush regime crime used to produce an alibi for the illegal and unprovoked US invasion of Iraq.

U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R,Tx) understands the danger to Americans of permitting government to violate the law. In “Torturing the Rule of Law”, he said that the US government’s use of torture to produce excuses for illegal actions is the most radicalizing force at work today. “The fact that our government engages in evil behavior under the auspices of the American people is what poses the greatest threat to the American people, and it must not be allowed to stand.”...(Click for remainder.)


It Just Doesn't Get Any Worse Than This

By Dennis Rahkonen
The Smirking Chimp

I'm stopped at a red light when a decrepit old Chevrolet pickup with its windows rolled down pulls into the adjacent lane.

Its radio is bleating Rush Limbaugh, and the rear bumper bears a sticker that reads, "My wife, yes. My dog, maybe. My gun, NEVER!"

The driver looks disheveled and haggard, making it very easy to surmise that here's the perfect example of an American totally screwed over by capitalism run greedily amok, decisively abetted by conservative ideology.

He's probably unemployed, has no medical insurance, no pension prospects, and is likely facing having sheriff's deputies put his family's belongings out on the sidewalk, following a heartbreaking eviction.

But he's got that radio tuned to right-wing propaganda, and he's so completely brainwashed that he thinks his greatest worry is gays getting married!

He's undoubtedly convinced that the "Democrat Socialist Party" is ruining his life -- not to mention his beloved country -- and that liberals are the reason his wallet has thinned to nothing but pictures of his gaunt spouse and sickly, skinny kids.

Meanwhile, Limbaugh and other well-compensated voices of radio or television reaction, live in luxury, exceeded in ill-gotten wealth only by the corporate Fat Cats who hire them to keep the masses from angrily identifying their true enemy....(Click for remainder.)


PDA's Tim Carpenter Eviscerates Fox Noise On Single-Payer


From Golden States to 19th-Century Backwater

California's budget crisis is threatening its entire welfare and healthcare programmes. The state may never be the same.

By Sasha Abramsky
The Guardian

Imagine a state that considers itself progressive, cutting edge, the envy of the world. Imagine a state with the globe's fifth largest economy. Imagine a state, population 37 million, with more wealthy people than practically any other spot on earth. Imagine a state that once had by far the best public infrastructure in America and a voting public that was deeply committed to its premier institutions.

Now imagine that state so cash-strapped, because of decades of anti-tax revolts and irresponsible, unfunded, spending mandates, that it can't pay even its basic bills and is hoping to sell off prized public lands and buildings to plug just a tiny fraction of its deficit.

Welcome to California. America's Golden State is so deeply in the hole that governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has just announced $5bn in emergency spending cuts, and plans a further $3bn in cuts a few days from now. This is on top of the tens of billions of dollars pared from the budget last year, cuts that already have removed vast sums of money from the state's schools, furloughed thousands of workers and shuttered numerous state agencies.

On the cutting block: the entire state welfare programme. That's $1.3bn. Plus, in ending all welfare in California, the state will lose another nearly $4bn in federal matching funds. California will be, according to Wednesday's papers, the only state in America – and quite possibly in the western world – that doesn't provide even subsistence benefits to impoverished children....(Click for remainder.)


The Big Inflation Scare

By Paul Krugman
The New York Times

Suddenly it seems as if everyone is talking about inflation. Stern opinion pieces warn that hyperinflation is just around the corner. And markets may be heeding these warnings: Interest rates on long-term government bonds are up, with fear of future inflation one possible reason for the interest-rate spike.

But does the big inflation scare make any sense? Basically, no — with one caveat I’ll get to later. And I suspect that the scare is at least partly about politics rather than economics.

First things first. It’s important to realize that there’s no hint of inflationary pressures in the economy right now. Consumer prices are lower now than they were a year ago, and wage increases have stalled in the face of high unemployment. Deflation, not inflation, is the clear and present danger.

So if prices aren’t rising, why the inflation worries? Some claim that the Federal Reserve is printing lots of money, which must be inflationary, while others claim that budget deficits will eventually force the U.S. government to inflate away its debt.

The first story is just wrong. The second could be right, but isn’t.

Now, it’s true that the Fed has taken unprecedented actions lately. More specifically, it has been buying lots of debt both from the government and from the private sector, and paying for these purchases by crediting banks with extra reserves. And in ordinary times, this would be highly inflationary: banks, flush with reserves, would increase loans, which would drive up demand, which would push up prices....(Click for remainder.)


As Crisis Deepens, U.S. Bolsters S. Korea's Arsenal

By Nathan Hodge
Danger Room @

While North Korea strikes an increasingly belligerent pose, the South Korean government is planning a serious military upgrade — with some help from Washington.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency — the Pentagon arm that manages foreign military sales — made public plans to sell the South Koreans more surface-to-air missiles and upgrade its F-16 fighters so they can drop Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) smart bombs.

The proposed upgrade of 35 F-16s, the agency said, would allow the Republic of Korea Air Force “to adequately operate the F-16 weapon system to its fullest and utmost capability in both a deterrent role and a coalition role with United States Forces Korea and the Combined Forces Command.”

In other words, it will allow South Korean F-16s to hit artillery and anti-aircraft systems that are often hidden in bunkers and caves north of the DMZ. South Korea’s fleet of F-15Ks (pictured here) already have a precision strike capability; upgrading F-16s would allow the Republic of Korea Air Force to take on more “hardened facilities” in North Korea.

DSCA notified Congress of the pending arms sale late last week, before North Korea’s test of a nuclear weapon; the planned sales are part of an existing South Korean defense modernization program conceived before the current crisis. Recent events, however, may spur an expansion of that defense package. The Korea Times reported yesterday that South Korea’s defense ministry is now planning to increase its stock of JDAMs and air-launched cruise missiles....(Click for remainder.)


Where Does the Hispanic Vote Really Matter?

By Andrew Gelman

Nate asks, "Can the Republicans win back the White House in 2012 or 2016 while losing further ground among Latinos?" I don't know about 2012 and 2016, but I can give my best estimates for 2008, based on my analysis with Yair using the Pew pre-election polls to get vote preferences (normalizing each state to line up with the actual election outcome) and the CPS post-election supplement to get voter turnout. (You'll get similar numbers using the exit polls, but I trust our analyses a little more, also they're consistent with our earlier graphs of voting by income and ethnicity.)

I'll show you what we found, then give some brief discussion.

Here's how Obama did among Hispanics in the states where there is a large Hispanic presence:

[In response to commenters, here are some numbers for McCain's estimated share of the two-party vote among Hispanics: NM 27%, CA 26%, TX 42%, FL 43%, AZ 35%, NV 24%, NY 25%, CO 27%, NJ 23%, IL 23%, CT 24%. Exit polls give slightly different answers. No data source is perfect and we have to acknowledge that there is uncertainty in our estimates.]...(Click for remainder.)


The Baby Jesus: Judges Don't Have to Follow Precedent (Unless I Like the Precedent)


A Bottle Bill That Will Rot Your Teeth

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
The New York Times—Opinion

THIRTY-EIGHT years ago, Oregon passed America’s first bottle deposit law, leading the way for states like New York and Connecticut to enact their own bills to reduce litter from single-serving containers. Those first laws, aimed at soft drinks and beer, then the most prevalent canned and bottled beverages, succeeded spectacularly, generating redemption rates reaching 70 percent.

But today the average person disposes of nearly 300 pounds of other kinds of packaging every year, and we need to expand and update New York’s bottle deposit law to cover beverages like bottled water, tea and energy drinks. At the same time, we need to make sure that the law supports rather than competes with curbside recycling.

A good new deposit bill could encourage recycling of new classes of beverage bottles and also provide financing for curbside programs that capture other kinds of recyclable waste, like juice cartons, ketchup bottles and mayonnaise jars. These are all made from the same plastic and glass as soda, beer and water bottles, yet fewer than one in five of them are being recycled. Since such containers are not subject to deposit laws, their recycling is driven only by moral imperative or local ordinances, and these incentives function best when supported by robust curbside recycling programs or other easy recycling options.

Unfortunately, the New York Legislature passed a bottle law last month that not only fails to accomplish these goals but will actually harm the recycling programs New York has. It is an ugly sausage that was cooked up by lobbyists for makers of sugared drinks and their allies in the Legislature. Instead of requiring deposits for all the new beverage categories, as Gov. David Paterson originally proposed, New York’s new bottle law covers bottled water only — unless that water contains added sugar....(Click for remainder.)


Ken Salazar Tours Everglades in Airboat to Learn About Invasive Species

By The Huffington Post

EVERGLADES, FL - MAY 28: United States Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), United States Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Florida Governor Charlie Crist (L-R) tour the Florida Everglades on an airboat on May 28, 2009 in the Everglades, Florida. Thomas Strickland, United States Interior Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks is also on the airboat (far left rear). Salazar visited the Everglades to get a first hand look at the park and get a briefing on invasive species. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images.)...(Click for original.)


"A Right Delayed is a Right Denied." Martin Luther King, Jr.

By John Sherffius
Boulder Daily Camera


Ideological She Isn't

Why Republicans shouldn't fear Sotomayor's confirmation.

By E.J. Dionne, Jr.
The New Republic

WASHINGTON -- Republicans would be foolish to fight the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court because she is the most conservative choice that President Obama could have made.

And even though they should support her confirmation, liberals would be foolish to embrace Sotomayor as one of their own because her record is clearly that of a moderate. It is highly unlikely that she will push the court to the left. Indeed, on many issues of concern to business, she is likely to make the Chamber of Commerce perfectly happy.

In this battle, it's important to separate Obama's reasons for choosing Sotomayor from her actual record. He was drawn to her not simply because the politics of naming the first Latina justice were irresistible, but also because he saw her as the precise opposite of Chief Justice John Roberts. In his September 2005 speech explaining his vote against Roberts, Obama argued that 95 percent of court cases are easily settled on the basis of the law and precedent. But in "those 5 percent of hard cases," Obama said, the "legal process alone will not lead you to a rule of decision" and "the critical ingredient is supplied by what is in the judge's heart."

And that is where Obama found Roberts wanting. The young senator insisted that Roberts "far more often used his formidable skills on behalf of the strong in opposition to the weak" and "seemed to have consistently sided with those who were dismissive of efforts to eradicate the remnants of racial discrimination in our political process."...(Click for remainder.)


From the OMFG File: U.S. & S. Korean Troops On Alert After Pyongyang Ends Truce

By Agence France-Press
Via The Raw Story

South Korea and the United States put their troops on higher alert in the Korean peninsula Thursday after the North said it was ending a truce in force for half a century and warned of a possible attack.

Seoul’s defence ministry said air and ground forces were keeping a closer watch on the tense land and sea border with the communist North after Pyongyang said it was abandoning the armistice signed to end the Korean War in 1953.

Tensions have risen sharply since North Korea Monday tested a nuclear bomb believed to be about four times more powerful than the one it detonated in 2006. It followed up by test-firing five short-range missiles.

“We are maintaining a tight defence posture to prevent the North’s military provocations,” said ministry spokesman Won Tae-Jae. “The military will deal sternly with provocative acts.”

In Washington, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said the United States and other members of the UN Security Council were mulling “possible sanctions” against Pyongyang, in the first such on the record comment from a US official.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs added that Beijing, considered a key player in the showdown with Pyongyang due to its supposed leverage over its reclusive ally, was being “very helpful” in efforts to censure the North....(Click for remainder.)


The Republican Big Tent

By Mike Luckovich


Lt. Dan Choi at Obama Protest in Beverly Hills


Does Sen. Barrasso of Wyoming Really Want Science to Guide Him

By Todd Wilkinson
The Huffington Post

As any principled public servant should, U.S. Sen. John Barrasso was right to intensely grill President Barack Obama's cabinet minister Lisa Jackson about the consequences of regulating carbon dioxide emissions on the American economy.

Not long ago, the Republican lawmaker from Wyoming who sits on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, uncovered what he called a "smoking gun" memo that he implies was concealed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where Ms. Jackson serves as chief administrator.

Barrasso says EPA is not being honest about the costs of regulating carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and halocarbons.

In an opinion piece that appeared, interestingly enough, on the Heritage Foundation website immediately after Barrasso's interrogation of Jackson, the senator wrote that efforts to reduce emissions, using the federal Clean Air Act as a lever, are being driven by politics, not science.

"This misuse of the Clean Air Act will be a trigger for overwhelming regulation and lawsuits based on gases emitted from cars, schools, hospitals and small business," Barrasso asserts. "This will affect any number of other sources, including lawn mowers, snowmobiles and farms. This will be a disaster for the small businesses that drive America."

On the face of it, it is inspiring that Mr. Barrasso is declaring himself a lawmaker who champions science over crass politics.

It is also noble that the scientific process of rigorous peer review and scrutiny will be his lens for having a real public discussion about climate change, enforcement of the Clean Air Act (as it relates to, say, snowmobile pollution in Yellowstone National Park and ozone gathering over Wyoming's pristine Wind River Range linked to natural gas drilling), as well as to the impacts of federal regulation -- or lack of it -- on Main Street....(Click for remainder.)


The Olson/Boies Challenge to California's Prop 8: A High-Risk Effort

By John W. Dean

This week, famously, the California Supreme Court issued its decision, Strauss v. Horton, upholding Proposition 8, the voter-adopted prohibition against same-sex marriages. Within twenty-four hours, former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson and celebrated trial attorney David Boies had together filed a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn this controversial provision of the California Constitution.

Olson and Boies are best known for their roles in Bush v. Gore. In their challenge to Proposition 8, Olson, the conservative, and Boies, the progressive, represent two California couples who are precluded from marrying in light of Proposition 8's changes to California law.

Clearly, with the high-profile Olson and Boies in charge, this is a carefully- considered move in taking same-sex marriage to federal court. However, for many good reasons, some in the Gay and Lesbian community, and some of the attorneys who have been toiling in this field for many years, are concerned about their action. It is an aggressive undertaking that could end marriage discrimination against gays, but it could also backfire, and set back efforts that have been proceeding state by state, with considerable success, over the past decade.

Allow me to broadly sketch the situation and the potential problems it raises.

The Olson/Boies Action

The Olson/Boies lawsuit is being underwritten by the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER). This foundation is newly-organized, and this is its first and only effort so far. According to persons with whom I spoke who are familiar with the new organization, it is being funded by individuals associated with the production of the successful Hollywood feature "Milk" – the story of the late San Francisco Board of Supervisors member and gay rights activist Harvey Milk....(Click for remainder.)


La Raza Blasts Tancredo for Klan Comparison: 'Get His Facts Straight'

By Ernest Luning
The Colorado Independent

The National Council of La Raza doesn’t think much of former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo’s attack on the 40-year-old civil rights organization as “a Latino KKK without the hoods or the nooses.” The Littleton Republican made the claim Thursday afternoon in an interview on CNN, arguing his claim that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sottomayor “appears to be racist.”

“He doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” National Council of La Raza spokesperson Lisa Navarrete told The Colorado Independent. “He’s defamed our organization and told falsehoods about our organization without any basis in fact or evidence. That’s not who we are or what we do.

“If you look at Mr. Tancredos’ record, he’s often spoken about things he doesn’t know anything about.”

While the stakes couldn’t be higher, with Sotomayor poised to become the first Hispanic justice on the Supreme Court, Navarrete sounded more weary than incensed over Tancredo’s latest antic.

“He’s at the far extreme of the Republican Party,” she said. “He’s someone who has been instrumental in alienating the Republican Party from the Latino community. We’ve been urging the Republican Party to try to outreach to the Latino community, and they did a good job of it until they let people like Tom Tancredo take over the debate on immigration.”

A congressman from the 6th Congressional District until he retired last year, Tancredo has made statements over the years threatening to bomb Mecca, calling Miami a Third World city and suggesting the U.S.-Mexico border wall separate Brownsville, Texas, from the rest of America.

It’s not the first time the Latino civil rights group has been inaccurately characterized by Tancredo, Navarrete said, though he hasn’t gone so far as to compare NCLR with the Ku Klux Klan before.

“He is a leading spokesperson and a leading figure in the anti-immigrant extremist movement, and as such we’re a target for anti-immigrant extremists,” Navarrete said....(Click for remainder.)


The Mayor of Wingnutia, Tom Tancredo, Says Sotomayor is Member of "Latino KKK"

By Eric Kleefeld
Talking Points Memo

The right-wing fear-mongering against Sonia Sotomayor just keeps getting more and more comical. The latest grievance is her membership in the National Council of La Raza, a large national organization that bills itself as "the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States."

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), who spent his career in Congress calling for a moratorium on immigration, appeared on CNN to lambaste Sotomayor for belonging to a group whose name would translate as "The Race," made the false claim that La Raza has the motto, "All for the race, nothing for the rest," and bashed it as being "a Latino KKK without the hoods or the nooses."

The KKK without the hoods or the nooses? Um, those hoods and nooses do make a really important difference!

By the way, a literal translation is "The Race" (according to their Web site, other possibilities include "the people" and "the community") and in the full linguistic context it refers essentially to advancing the civil rights and economic opportunities of Latinos. As a comparison, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People does not propose to oppress non-blacks, and the American Jewish Committee doesn't aim to keep the Gentiles down....(Click for remainder.)


Rachel Maddow: Supreme Court Nominee Called Racist & Dumb By GOP Right Wing


Crazed Anti-Gay "Journalist" Dragged Kicking and Screaming from Air Force One

By Joe

The Secret Service had to drag Georgia-based "journalist" Brenda Lee (!) away from Air Force One in Los Angeles today when she refused to leave, saying she had to personally deliver a letter to the president urging him "to take a stand for traditional marriage." Lee, who claims she has White House press credentials, said she writes for the Georgia Informer, a Christian website aimed at an African-American readership.

On the Georgia Informer site, however, Lee is identified as Rev. Brenda Lee, where so far I can only find an incomprehensible editorial by her in which she thanks God for not destroying California with an earthquake, despite all the wicked people living there. It also doesn't look like the Georgia Informer site has been updated since last year. Is the good Reverend just another crazy Christianist liar, in addition to being a complete loon?

UPDATE: Ooh, it turns out her official title is Black Catholic Priestess Brenda Lee. From her Prop 8 post of last year:
GOD’S mercy is not everlasting. That is why there is death and hell. Californians will vote Yes on Proposition 8 to establish marriage between a man and woman or they will go down for their wickedness. In November voters all over the United States should demand that its political leaders reconfirm that the United State is a GOD fearing country or it will move closer to becoming a Third World Country. GOD will bring this country to its knees via natural disasters that will turn into financial disasters. From the presidential to local candidates, every politician who stands with and for gay marriage must be defeated in November. And then Americans must make it clear that the president and governors who nominate gay sympathizers to judgeships will be defeated in the next election.
Seriously, read it, it's a hoot. She is so from Crazytown...(Click for remainder.)


What Obama Really Said

Here's the full clip of what President Obama said in relation to the protesters at the Beverly Hills fund raiser. Words have meaning, and context is as important as what's being said. Thanks to Joe over at Joe.My.God. for posting this.


The Defenders


Olson & Boies on Hardball RE: Federal Suit Against Prop 8


Uniting American Families Act Advances

By Kerry Eleveld

The Senate Judiciary Committee next Wednesday will hold the first congressional hearings on the Uniting American Families Act, a bill that would allow lesbian and gay citizens to sponsor their partners for residency in the United States.

"The hearings are really tremendous and an indication of the momentum and traction that the issue has on the Hill," said Rachel B. Tiven, executive director of Immigration Equality, "particularly in the context of everything else they have on their plate right now." President Barack Obama's nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court has dominated headlines all week since his Tuesday announcement.

The witness list for the hearing has not yet been finalized by Vermont senator Patrick Leahy, who chairs the committee and is the lead sponsor of the bill, but Tiven expected about three to four binational couples who either have been separated or face separation would testify. She hopes the hearings will bring to light "the horrible choice" that an estimated 36,000 Americans have to make between the partner they love and their country.

Comprehensive immigration reform has become one of President Obama's legislative priorities this year, and Tiven was optimistic that the UAFA would be a part of the larger immigration debate.

The White House has also signaled support for including gay and lesbian couples in the reforms....(Click for remainder.)



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