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Beck Throws Conspiracy Theory Kitchen Sink at Jarrett; Links Her to Communism, Che Guevara, Mumia Abu-Jamal

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Via Media Matters


Rachel Maddow: Public Option Is Dead - Long Live Public Option!


Sen. "Diaper" David Vitter Subject of Complaint by National Ethics Watchdog Group

By Bruce Alpert
The Times-Picayune

An ethics watchdog group in Washington, D.C. is asking Louisiana’s Office of Disciplinary counsel to investigate whether Sen. David Vitter, R-La., should be disciplined for his 2007 admission of a “very serious sin in my past” related to his phone number appearing on a list compiled by a Washington prostitution ring.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said its request is related to Vitter’s recent request for a Justice Department investigation into ACORN, the community activist group with headquarters in New Orleans. Staffers in at least four ACORN offices around the country have been caught in a video sting giving advice to a couple pretending to be a prostitute and pimp looking for tax breaks and other assistance.

“Sen. Vitter’s zeal to see ACORN criminally investigated for offering advice in setting up a prostitution ring reminded me he has yet to be held accountable for his own role in a prostitution ring,” said Melanie Sloan, CREW’s executive director. “While ACORN’s conduct is indefensible, so is Sen. Vitter’s and what is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Sloan asked the state Office of Disciplinary Counsel to investigate whether Vitter violated the state’s rule of professional conduct that says it is professional misconduct for a lawyer to “commit a criminal act especially one that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honestly, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects.”...(Remainder.)


New ‘Patriot’ Group Begins First ‘Border Watch’ Operation

By David Holthouse
Hatewatch at SPLC

The Patriots Coalition, a new antigovernment 'Patriot' group founded by the former vice president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, is carrying out its first border vigilante operation targeting Latino immigrants and drug smugglers.

Along with Patriots Coalition members, the month-long event, dubbed Operation Spike, is drawing volunteers from other Minuteman splinter factions such as Minuteman of One.

Patriots Coalition founder and president Al Garza identifies the group as part of the Tea Party tax protest movement. The Patriots Coalition website is loaded with "birther" conspiracy theory materials and jokes about assassinating President Obama.

The Sierra Vista Herald reported that on Saturday, Sept. 26, there were 45 participants stationed in just one of several Operation Spike 'border watch' sectors. All the sectors are within a 50-mile radius of Palominas, a Cochise County, Ariz., border town located just east of Coronado National Forest.

Garza estimated that 200 to 300 border watchers would take part in the operation, which began Sept. 19 and is scheduled to conclude Oct. 19, though Garza said he may extend it to the end of October, depending upon turnout and results.

Operation Spike participants told the Herald they'd reported groups of 15 and 17 individuals along the border, as well as a larger group of 65 individuals, some of them carrying backpacks, accompanied by four "ninja-dressed" men armed with AK-47s....(Remainder.)


Pentagon Airs Criticism of 'Don't Ask'

Journal article backs gay troops; May signal brass open to debate

By Bryan Bender
The Boston Globe

WASHINGTON - An article in the Pentagon’s top scholarly journal calls in unambiguous terms for lifting the ban on gays serving openly in the armed forces, arguing that the military is essentially forcing thousands of gay men and women to lead dishonest lives in an organization that emphasizes integrity as a fundamental tenet.

The article in the upcoming issue of Joint Force Quarterly, which is published for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was written by an Air Force colonel who studied the issue for months while a student at the National Defense University in Washington and who concludes that having openly gay troops in the ranks will not hurt combat readiness.

The views do not necessarily reflect those of Pentagon leaders, but their appearance in a publication billed as the Joint Chiefs’ “flagship’’ security studies journal signals that the top brass now welcomes a debate in the military over repealing the 1993 law that requires gays to hide their sexual orientation, according to several longtime observers of the charged debate over gays in the military.

While decisions on which articles to publish are made by the journal’s editorial board, located at the defense university, a senior military official said yesterday that the office of Admiral Mike Mullen, the Joint Chiefs chairman who is the nation’s top military officer, reviewed the article before it was published....(Remainder.)


Brussels Welcomes US Move Toward Global Governance of Internet

By Leigh Phillips
EU Observer

BRUSSELS - The body responsible for managing the development of the internet, Icann, has cut its umbilical cord to the US government, a move the European Union has been demanding for four years.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which oversees domain names - the .com, .eu, .org and so on at the end of a web address - as of 30 September will no longer be subject to review by the US Department of Commerce.

Instead, independent review panels appointed by Icann Governmental Advisory Committee (Gac) and Icann itself with the involvement of governments around the world. will perform this task.

Since 2005, the EU has been calling for reform of the governance of the internet, saying that the internet is a global resource and should not be tied to one national government - a position echoed by many other countries and a number of companies.

In June of this year, the European Commission raised the volume on the issue, publishing a policy document that an independent judicial body be set up, which information society commissioner Viviane Reding described at the time as a "G12 for internet governance," which would serve as a "multilateral forum for governments to discuss general internet governance policy and security issues."

Wednesday's move comes close to satisfying the EU demands, and Ms Reding welcomed the development....(Remainder.)


Jon Stewart: Where the Riled Things Are

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Where the Riled Things Are
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Rep Grayson on Situation Room Fires Back at Repuglitards

By John Amato
Crooks and Liars

How many politicians would walk onto a set of a TV show out of the blue and eviscerate the entire pundit panel? Alan Grayson strolled out onto the stage of CNN's The Situation Room and took on their crew including Blitzer, Carville, Johns and that whack job Alex Castellanos over his remarks about the non-existent GOP health care. He started by saying "they have no plan!" and by not having a plan, they are hurting Americans. Blitzer was so shocked that Grayson actually said something nobody in the media wants to talk about.
Grayson: They just want to stop everything.

Blitzer: Has any Democratic leader asked you to apologize to the republicans.

Grayson: No and you know why? Because I'm saying what everyone else has been thinking, but no one else has been saying.

Blitzer: And so you have no intention of apologizing?

Grayson: Of course not. Apologize? I'm not the one who should be apologizing, they should be apologize to America.

Johns: Wasn't it over the top though? I mean won't you at least admit that?

Grayson: Well, Look I'm 6, 4 so it takes a lot to get over my head.

Castellanos: I'm a republican congressman and I have a question. Which particular Americans do you think I'd like to die? Can you name some?

Listen, Do you want to make sure that people have affordable universal comprehensive health care in this country, do you?

Castellanos:: Yes

Now what have you done about it?

Castellanos: Republicans have a very different approach than the democrats do but it's very concrete. Instead of a big government gamble...

Oh, please...That's amorphous nonsense

Do you really think that Tort reform is going to take care of 47 million people not having....


Creating Jobs and Finding Cures


Jon Stewart Mocks Right-Wing Freak-Out Over School Kids "Shock Video"


President Obama: An Historic Commitment to Research


Two Pathetic & Sorry Excuses for Senators, Kyl & Bond, Want Regime Change in Iran


Fucktard O'Reilly Uses Polanski Arrest to Attack Vermont


Chickenshit Coward O'Reilly Calls for Blockade of Iran


The Verbal Diarreah of the Oxy-Moron Continues: Chavez & Kim Somehow Have Control of Obama


Traitorous Pile of Pig Shit, Limbaugh, in Another Racist Screed Against Obama


The Deaf Drug Addicted Fuckface, Attacks Obama Over "Winning" in Afghanistan


Grand Imperial Wizard Dobbs Tries to Link Immigrants, ACORN, NYT, & Liberals in an Insane Mental Toilet Flush


Colorado Democrats Brace for Senate Primary

By Dan Frosch

The New York Times
Photo:  Kevin Moloney (NYT) & Chris McLean (Pueblo Chieftain)

DENVER — When Ken Salazar resigned his seat in the United States Senate to become interior secretary, Democrats in Colorado expected a smooth transition. The state’s Democratic governor appointed a fellow Democrat, Michael Bennet, to finish Mr. Salazar’s term, and Mr. Bennet began raising millions of dollars to stave off a Republican challenge in next year’s election.

Now Democrats in the state are deeply divided, and Republicans see an opportunity to break a recent Democratic hold on statewide offices. The reason for the change? Andrew Romanoff, a popular former state lawmaker, has begun a Democratic primary challenge to Mr. Bennet.

The primary is nearly a year away, but the candidacy of Mr. Romanoff, a former two-term speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, is forcing Democrats to choose sides. The two men have no glaring policy differences, but the contested primary, some Democrats fear, could weaken the party in the general election.

“We thought by this time we wouldn’t have a primary,” said Pat Waak, chairwoman of the Colorado Democratic Party. “I would rather us focus on who our candidate is.”

Mr. Romanoff and his supporters had lobbied hard for the Senate appointment that went, to the surprise of many Democrats, to Mr. Bennet, and over the past year, questions about Mr. Romanoff’s future had lingered. Friends said he had even pondered a challenge to the governor, Bill Ritter Jr., who is up for re-election next year....(Remainder.)


We Can't Have That

By Ed Stein
Ed Stein Ink



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