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Comedian Christian Finnegan on Why Watching No News is Better Than Watching Fox News

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Comedian Christian Finnegan provides "Countdown" guest host David Shuster with perspective on why a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll found that, on average, Fox News viewers know less about news and current events than people who do not follow the news at all. Finnegan concedes that regardless of its value as a source of news, Fox News will continue to dominate: "In a debate between a smart person and a stupid person, stupid will always win."


Abusive Texas Judge Claims Child Abuse Victims Are 'Fantasizers'

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Retired Police Captain Ray Lewis On His Arrest And Why He Supports #OWS

I really got to give this man a lot of credit. It really does take "testicles of an elephant" to show up in uniform.

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Fucktard Bryan Fischer Sounds the Alarm on the Muslim Turkeys Invading America's Dinner Tables

Oh, this is just too fucking funny.



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