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Maddow show guest: DOMA case ‘ingeniously crafted’ as states’ rights issue

Saturday, December 08, 2012

By Samantha Kimmey

On The Rachel Maddow show on Dec. 7, guest host Ezra Klein tracked the law on interracial marriage to draw comparisons to the current debate on same-sex marriage and how the Supreme Court may rule, now that it has decided to take two separate cases that deal with the issue.

Klein says that while the Supreme Court ruled that “separate but equal” unconstitutional in the 1954, it didn’t rule on interracial marriage until 1967.

In 1947, he goes on, most states banned interracial marriage; by 1967, only 16 did.

“The court was following on their heels,” he argues.

“This is a big debate in the legal world. Is the Supreme Court influenced by American public opinion? These are nine people who could very well ignore the will of the people. They’re appointed for life. There are no elections, no accountability.”

But, he went on, legal experts believe judges and justices are in fact swayed by public opinion....(Remainder)



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