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Andrew Sullivan: Romney 'Like an Alien That Ripped Off His Mask' at Debate

Monday, October 29, 2012

Via Crooks and Liars

GOP strategist Nicole Wallace on Sunday said that it was not a problem that Republican nominee Mitt Romney was "like an alien that ripped off his mask" when he seemed to change positions during the presidential debates because "we liked him better."

During an ABC News panel on Sunday, The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan noted that Romney had presented himself as a "brand new candidate" at the debates.

"The Mitt Romney that showed up on Oct. 3 was like an alien that ripped off his mask and said, 'I'm brand new now,'" Sullivan pointed out.

"But we liked him!" Wallace exclaimed. "Isn't that the point? But we liked him better!"

"He has evolutionary ideology like the church has revolving doctrine," Sullivan continued. "One day it's true, the last day it's not."...(Remainder here.)



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