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Tom Of Finland Movie Trailer

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tom Of Finland Movie Trailer:

Until the year 1971, being gay in Finland could land you in jail for years. There was a boy born in 1920. In his childhood, he drew pictures of naked men. While drawing, he wore only leather boots. As a young man, he fought in the war and had sex with his fellow soldiers, both Finnish and German. During his adulthood, he lived a double life. By day, a talented advertising artist and a pianist, by night a genius creator of erotic drawings. We remember him through leather, huge muscles, even larger cocks and humor -- empowering the masculine gay man. We know who Tom of Finland is. Now meet Touko. Via Joe My God

WGB: How many of my readers are familiar with Tom of Finland?  As a young gay man I found his sketches very exciting yet slightly disturbing at the same time. I am excited to see this movie but sadly it is not expected to be released until 2015.




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